Isn't it time to rekindle your relationship with the studio?

Are you tired of getting home from work and not having any energy left to create?

do you fear you are losing your creative voice?


Having the urge to create is a gift, but it can often feel like the opposite. Having that creative spark often leads to long nights, forgotten meals, binge eating when you reminder and other unhealthy activities. It truly can be physically and emotionally tolling to be an artist. How can you get into the studio to expend that energy when you don't have any energy left after a hard day at work?

Often times the gift of creativity is a difficult one to manage especially when you throw a day job and social life into mix. It's scary to think that you might live a life where you stop creating altogether. Maybe you've had those nights where you just couldn't get into the studio and you felt like a huge disappointment. You felt like you were failing. Maybe you even felt horrible because it seemed like you were watching the life you were destined to live pass you by. I understand. I've felt all of these things too, but the thing is it doesn't have to be this way. You can:

  • reconnect with your creative voice without sacrificing your job or a social life
  • get into the studio more
  • feel more energized and inspired by your studio practice
  • live a happy and fulfilling creative life

I’m Carlee and I specialize in helping creative women design lives that they love. 

Frankly, I’m tired of seeing women lose their creative spark. That's why I made this free PDF for help you plan your way to the life you were destined to live.