To the person who hates

'adulting' as much as me,

You are about to discover a simple approach for how to make 'adulting' fun and become the person you know you are destined to be without feeling the frustration of adding yet another thing to your already full plate.


Are you tired of not knowing what to do next?

Are you frustrated that you keep overthinking or letting other people's thoughts and opinions derail you?

Do you wish you could start looking back on your life with pride instead of regret?

Do you wonder if it's even possible to pair down your life so you can reconnect in the essentials?

Okay, I get it sometimes life makes you want to put all your responsibilities and obligations in the fuck it bucket. You know you keep over thinking, or you are getting too 'in your head' about what your heart is calling you to do. You feel like you've hit a wall at work or, worse, in your entire life. *Scurchhhh*--that's your entire life coming to a halt. You're in transition and this transition may even be the hardest one yet... You know that retail therapy just isn't cutting it anymore--it's killing your wallet and you aren't even fixing the problems that are causing them so you just keep encountering those shitty feelings and experiences over and over again. Instead of pulling the weeds, you are trimming those bad boys. You feel like by doing the things that you truly love that makes you selfish...that if you keep doing these things you will ultimately end up unhappy, alone and isolated. You keep creating excuse after excuse as to why you can't build the life of your to why you can't live a fun and fulfilling life. I totally get it. I've experienced all of these emotions myself...but never fear you can totally have the life of your dreams.





Imagine if you could have...

  • a job you wake up excited about going to
  • more time to do the things that fill you up
  • a hell of a lot more fun and joy in your life
  • a strong sense of accomplishment and self love
  • a heart-centered life...a life that feels just more more worry

Imagine you could have your dream life.


I'm Carlee Myers and I'm an expert at helping people who are no longer happy at work or life find their joy again through a combination of coaching, creative expression and experiential activities.

All this could totally be yours; That's why I'm offering a COMPLIMENTARY Strategy Session just for you. During this personalized one-on-one session, we will delve into what's happening and figure out the next steps for how you can build your dream life. Just choose your time zone and claim your spot below:

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I look forward to helping you make adulting fun!


Positively yours,


Carlee Myers

Founder & Coach

A Piece of Positivity Studios