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Avoiding Career Burnout: Salt Therapy Edition

  • Float Haven Health Spa 110 North Woodbury Road Pitman, NJ, 08071 United States (map)

To the person who feels less than enthused with their job,

  • Do you feel like you are climbing career ladders you don’t even want to be on?

  • Have you had enough of that one coworker who always has SOMETHING negative to say?

  • Are you tired of sitting in the middle of cubicle-land daydreaming for the 1,000th time about what else you might do with your life?

  • Do you dread starting the job search process over AGAIN?


We get it, life sometimes feels like it's running you, not the other way around. You put so much effort into your job only to come home feeling empty….or worse disrespected with the way things are going down at work--the shitty work culture is going to get the best of you one of these days. You feel excluded and undervalued at work and are pissed that HR keeps sweeping important issues like workplace harassment (what?!) under the rug. You look at all of your friends moving on to better positions or starting their own companies around you and wonder what’s wrong with you. Why aren’t you there yet? You feel stuck, exhausted and out of control. We get it, and this is an issue we hear all the time despite how amazing everybody on Facebook is saying their life is, but we promise you that you do NOT have to feel this way and we want to help you break out of the box you feel trapped in.

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Here's the truth. We CAN have it all:

  • A job where we feel valued and respected everyday we walk into the office

  • A strong sense of personal fulfillment

  • Time to recharge so you can return feeling more productive

  • A work/life balance


Hi, I'm Carlee Myers and I'm an expert at helping professionals who are no longer happy in their job or life find their joy. As a firm believer in creativity, I help people find their purpose in and outside of work through a combination of coaching, creative expression and experiential activities.




During this hands-on workshop, we will:

  • Use a creative meditation practice to calm anxiety and reduce stress

  • Cure the work burnout and get unstuck in your personal and professional life

  • Take care of your physical and mental health by experiencing the healing benefits of salt therapy so you can return to your life more refreshed than ever

  • Learn how to let your inner child roam free (this includes temper tantrums, some serious play time, or whatever else it is that your inner child needs)

  • Walk away with the tools you need to leave work at work and significantly reduce overwhelm


I believe we are all capable of having the life we truly want and deserve, but sometimes we just need a little help getting there.


That’s why Float Haven Health Spa and I created Avoiding Career Burnout: Salt Therapy Edition, a workshop where personal development meets the healing power of salt.


Isn’t it time you took care of yourself and not just your to do list?


Positively yours,



PS: I know it can be tough to feel burnt out and trapped in a box at work. You have so much to give, but stress and demanding bosses get in the way and you feel like you can’t be the person you know you were meant to be. That's why I developed this workshop. If you feel exhausted, or worse, just completely disrespected this workshop is for YOU.